PLEM 2020

    The Oil States Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) are used in new construction where a pipeline terminates or needs to be jumpered to another location, such as an FPSO, refinery, holding tank, etc. A PLEM serves as a manifold to split the product flow into multiple routes that may feed into an FPSO, refinery and holding tanks concurrently.  

     It will contain such components as hubs, wyes, ball valves, ROV-interface panels and jumper systems that may include collet connectors, remote inline or articulating connectors (RIC/RAC), male end closures, etc.  The export lines or jumpers can be hard piped or flexible lines that are connected to a gooseneck and swivel on the collet connector.


Key features

  1. Quick and reliable installation
  2. Proven connector technology with simple ROV interface
  3. Customized solutions to meet client-specific project requirement
  4. Severe-duty components to withstand harsh, deep environments
  5. Extensive FAT, SIT & DQT testing to ensure quality throughout


Pipeline deepwater new construction and tie-back operation-deepwater, ROV


  1. Engineering Design
  2.  Testing – FAT,SIT design qualification
  3. Coatings
  4. Project Management
  5. Installation technical assistance