In 2016, AIG Holdings was founded with an emphasis on the opportunities for business support and business share capital growth. Our resources include, but are not limited to, audits, feasibility analyses, calculation of project expenses, project management and job monitoring. The core led by a management team with over 25 years of local and international business experience, assisted by professional, experienced and trained employees who comply with industry standards. In the business sector, AIG Holdings focuses on:


Crafted from a variety of metals and their alloys that are widely used. Aluminum, brass, copper, gold, iron, nickel, silver, magnesium, tin, titanium, and different grades of steel are some of the most common metal types available for custom mechanical production.

OFFSHORE Construction

Doing manual labour jobs, whether it means constructing well walls, setting up a rig, welding pipelines, or building facilities for refineries. They use hand tools, drilling equipment for repair, and supplies for transport to and from sites.


Advanced machining processes are processes of material removal that are distinct from conventional machining processes, in which a well-guided wedge-shaped instrument removes the material by producing contact stresses in the form of chips. There are a number of methods in which these procedures are used to extract material.

Automotive TECHnology

In the automotive industry, automotive maintenance plays a huge role, given that every vehicle needs to be serviced.  Each component in a vehicle needs to operate effectively and efficiently from the electronics in the engine and gear transmission to brake and steering fluids to ensure a safe and hassle-free road journey.

Marine Vessel

A large watercraft carrying goods or passengers, or supporting specialized missions such as defense, research and fishing, transiting the world’s oceans and other sufficiently deep waterways. Ships, based on size, shape, load capacity, are generally differentiated from boats.

Logistics field

In general, it means managing the transport of information from one location to another. Logistics covers things such as transportation, inventory, packaging, supplies, and sometimes warehousing and social security.

supply & TRADING

Supply & Trading for raw materials (crude oil and feedstocks) is best done in a manner that centralizes domestic and international trade in crude (and other raw materials).